The Solution...
...Keep Kids on the M.O.V.E.!
Together we can help kids to:
Moderately-to-vigorously active at least 50% of each class or activity session.

Opportunities to learn, practice and be successful.

Various physical activity, fitness, individual and sport skill experiences.

Engaged, encouraged and excited about being and staying physically active for a lifetime.
Comprehensive & Cost Effective 
I Provide Expertise How To
  • Enrich the lives of young people by providing positive and enjoyable physical education, physical activity, and fitness experiences.
  • Design a sustainable training model or academy you can replicate to train your staff or other sites.
  • Implement coordinated school health programming.
  • Manage physical education and activity instruction effectively to maximize time on task, and ensure a fun, safe and positive learning environment.
  • Craft meaningful physical activity curriculum and web based programming which is developmentally appropriate and challenges all learners regardless of age, ability and skill level.
  • Employ pragmatic assessment strategies as a means to enhance learning and monitor student achievement.
  • Integrate core academic content (language arts, math, science and social studies) learning opportunities in physical activity.
  • Inspire young people to have tons of fun, feel great about themselves, and use their newly acquired skills and attitudes to be healthy each day for a lifetime.

Together We Will
  • Consult about your iniative and desired outcomes.
  • Collaborate how best to tailor a workshop, presentation, or project to meet your specific needs.  
  • And, do so within your budget.
  • As an original author of many of the CATCH and SPARK materials, I can provide CATCH and SPARK quality workshops at a significantly reduced cost. 
  • Use the savings to buy more equipment for your kids!  .  512-803-3719   .  Jim DeLine     11800 Navasota Street  Manor, TX  78653
I Am Available For
  • Conference Presentations
  • Physical Education Workshops (Full or Half Day)
  • Physical Activity Trainings (Summer Camps, YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Community Health Organizations)
  • Curriculum Development (Physical Education & Activity, Coordinated School Health)
  • Project Consultation
  • Coordinated School Health Training

Helping You Help Kids!
Workshops • Presentations • Consulting • Curriculum Design • Staff Development