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It's All About Kids - Guiding Principles
First and foremost, thanks for what you do for kids.   I know how busy you are, and I appreciate you taking time to peruse my website.  

We share a common passion about making a difference for young people. Regardless of our respective jobs (teachers, youth leaders, fitness directors, curriculum specialists, non-profit agencies, researchers, scientists, parents, administrators, etc.,) children are our collective constituency, and we have dedicated our lives to improve theirs.  

We realize the importance and urgency of crafting meaningful opportunities for movement and re-engineering purposeful activity back into their lives. We are committed to helping kids discover the joy of play and activity. We are concerened about the consequences of inaction. We are inspired to help children choose to be healthy for a lifetime.  

As a father, teacher and professional colleague, I am grateful that you are willing to roll up the sleeves and do the work.  I know you have choices how you will get it done.  I hope you choose to give me an opportunity to support your tremendous efforts and Help You Help Kids.
       "Jim was the most inspirational and dynamic presenter we have had at our conference. For an entire three hours, he actively engaged all 200 participants. Nobody left, nobody sat, and everyone walked away with tangible 'real world' ideas they could immediately implement upon return to their schools.  
     I am still getting emails, text messages, and phone calls from our membership asking us to have him return. We fully intend to have him back!" 

Dr. Andy Mooneyham, Executive Director
Arkansas Association for Health, 
Physical Education, Recreation & Dance


Jim is the next big thing." 

I Believe Kids Have the Right to:
  • Lead active lives and and enjoy better health.
  • Have greater opportunities for social interaction through sport and play. 
  • Enjoy positive physical activities experiences that are challenging and fun.
  • Experience a wide variety of activities to pursue for personal enjoyment.
  • Feel safe, both physically and emotionally, in physcial activity environments.
Thanks For Your Time & What You Do
This Isn't My First Rodeo!  For 25 Years I Have...

  • developed training, wrote curriculum, and crafted instruction for school districts, universities, community centers, YMCA's, and the CATCH, SPARK, and MEND Programs. 
  • taught and worked in all venues of education and community service. From 4 year olds to college students.  From poverty stricken to affluent communities.  From public schools and universities to summer recreation and after school programs.  From teaching 60 students in one class to coaching a few athletes on an elite team.
  • provided professional services to a vast array of organizations and agencies.  Workshops for both major health foundations and "one horse" school districts.  Presentations for physical education conferences​, governor associations, state health agencies, and recreational organizations. Staff development to a small group of 15 youth leaders and a district of over 200 professional educators.  .  512-803-3719   .  Jim DeLine     11800 Navasota Street  Manor, TX  78653

Helping You Help Kids!
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